OnePlus Nord Vs Google Pixel 4a: Which Phone Should You Buy?

Aug 29, 2020 News

OnePlus Nord Vs Google Pixel 4a: Which Phone Should You Buy?

Two of the biggest names in the smartphone world right now come with a small price to pay for them (relatively) - being the OnePlus Nord and the Pixel 4a. Both phones are amazing contenders for the best mid range device in the market, and both pack great features and looks at extremely affordable prices. However, for an Android user, it can get hard to choose which phone to go for, as they’re equally great in a lot of aspects - but both have distinct positives and we’re here to help you choose either of the two devices with more ease.


The OnePlus Nord features a 6.44” Super AMOLED panel which also supports 90Hz refresh rate built in. The screen is also made out of Gorilla Glass 5, which is known to withstand substantial damage in scratches and drops.

Whereas the Pixel 4a has a smaller 5.81” OLED panel, which maxes out at 60Hz only. The 4a does have a higher PPI though, which would result in more crisp colors and contrasts compared to the Nord. However, it still doesn’t support 90Hz, and is also made of Gorilla Glass 3 - hence, we will have to give this one to the Nord. Another plus point for the OnePlus midranger is that it supports HDR10+ whereas the Pixel only supports HDR.

Winner: OnePlus Nord

oneplus nord

Design & Build

Whereas the design is a subjective topic, as it depends on users what type of phone they like, be it big or small - we still can talk about the build quality and the overall feel of the phones.

Nord features glass around the front and back of the phone, with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 label on top, ensuring significant strength from drops. It does have plastic frames at the side, but it does mix in well with the rest of the phone.

On the other hand, the Pixel device has a plastic back, which does help in making it feel lighter, but also makes it feel cheaper to the touch. If you’re okay with that, you may be okay with the Pixel’s design, but it’s clear that Nord has used better materials than its Google counterpart.

Winner: Nord



Google’s image processing; one of the best in the market.

That’s all we need to say.

Winner: Obviously, the Pixel.


Well, this section is an all-out assault from the OnePlus device, as it beats the Pixel 4a by a decent margin all along. Firstly, if we talk about the chipsets on both these phones, then the Nord consists of a Snapdragon 765G, a much better processor than its lower version being the 730G on the 4a. It won’t show as much in day to day performance, but if you’re a heavy gamer, then you will definitely notice the difference.

Moreover, the battery performance of the Nord is a lot better as well, as not only it has a bigger battery with 4115mAh as compared to 3140mAh on the Pixel, it also has better fast charging - as it supports 30W fast charging, whereas the Pixel tops out at 18W.

Winner: Nord, again


This feature isn’t really considered much when comparing devices, but it should be, and the Google Pixel 4a is the out and out winner here. Yes, the OxygenOS is a clean skin, and has some useful features - but it can never beat the near-stock Android look and feel of the Pixel, and the support for the latest updates as soon as they come. Software experience goes to the Google phone.

Winner: Google Pixel 4a

pixel 4a


Well, this is an interesting aspect of the devices. The OnePlus Nord is priced about 50 or so dollars higher than the Pixel 4a, which comes at a base price of $349 in the US. Now, yes the Pixel is the cheaper device, and that surely matters. But the OnePlus Nord does offer a better chipset, and more premium materials for the extra 50 or so bucks that it charges over the 4a. We feel that this is a subjective matter once more, and depends on the user what they feel comfortable with spending - because none of these phones are better over the other in terms of value for the price.

Winner: tie

So, which phone should you buy?

As per our scoring system, it’s basically 3-2 to the OnePlus Nord over the Pixel 4a, as it edges out slightly for the win. However, again, it depends on what the user puts more preference on. If the software and cameras have more importance for a user, and the build quality doesn’t matter, then the Pixel is clearly a better phone for them. However, if someone wants to spend a little bit extra for a better gaming experience, a better display and more premium build quality on their device, then the Nord is a better phone. We have the head-to-head laid out for you here, now it’s just for you to decide what you look for in a phone.

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