OnePlus' New Mid Range Phone Will Be Called "Nord"

Jun 25, 2020 News

OnePlus' New Mid Range Phone Will Be Called "Nord"

OnePlus has established itself as one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world, as it has released top phones year in year out, and have been extremely customer-oriented, which is the main reason why the company has such loyal customers. With the release of the OnePlus 8 Pro, the manufacturer finally entered the flagship region with its pricing after being known as the flagship killer phone for so long. This was due to the fact that they reduced and cut back all the compromises they previously had to make to reduce the costs of the devices. However, now a new device is in the works from OnePlus, and will be unveiled anytime now, as the whole tech community is waiting on more information about the new mid range device that’s about to be released by OnePlus.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve considered the phone to be called the OnePlus Z, because of the rumours we heard from different sources. However, that may not be the case anymore as there are chances that the upcoming mid range device from OnePlus may be called “Nord”. OnePlus even took it to Instagram on their new private account to make fun of the rumoured names that people have been giving their new phone, being the “Z” and “Lite”. It was on this Instagram that we found out that the phone is most likely going to be called the OnePlus Nord, because of a recent post on this account. 

In the picture above, you can see a ‘thank you’ card from OnePlus for the first 100 customers, and even though the card itself is not as readable, you can tell that there are multiple places where the phone is referred to as Nord, including the hashtag #TheOnePlusNord. Moreover, on the card at the back, you can see “NORD” written boldly across multiple times. And that’s not all if you think the social media page isn’t a credible source; OnePlus even trademarked the names “OnePlus Nord” and “Nord By OnePlus”, which confirms our speculation completely.

Whatever the name may be, we’re sure that the phone is going to be a top quality one, and it’s going to pack serious features and specs at an affordable price - something we’ve known and loved OnePlus for doing over the years.

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