OnePlus Might Release An Even Cheaper Nord Variant: Nord Lite

Jul 13, 2020 News

OnePlus Might Release An Even Cheaper Nord Variant: Nord Lite

OnePlus has been teasing fans about the Nord for a long time now. We’ve gotten rumours, leaks, official steps taken by the company - such as the Instagram page onepluslitezthing - to make sure they let the users know that they’re in on the fun and games with everyone. We finally got to know that the phone will be named Nord, and that it will feature a Snapdragon 765G, along with other specs revealed as well, such as dual front facing cameras and whatnot. However, we may have an even cheaper version of the Nord on our hands, and some are calling it the Nord Lite.

The Nord Lite was considered to be a possibility when a phone under the listing of OnePlus showed up on Geekbench’s website, and had a processor called lito inside it. Now the lito is rumoured to be an upcoming Snapdragon chipset - however, after some digging into the situation, it was found that the processor had an Adreno 619 as its GPU, which is used by Snapdragon 690 mainly. If this is true, then we may have an even cheaper Nord Lite for us by OnePlus, and the SD 690 will play a vital part in that. The 690 is the first 5G enabled chipset by Snapdragon under the 600 series, hence performance won’t be an issue on the phone, just like all other OnePlus devices.

OnePlus made a statement not so long ago about how all its future phones will consist of 5G connectivity, and high refresh rate displays - and considering the Nord Lite is an upcoming OnePlus device, it’s certain that both these features will be inside it as well. It will be interesting to see the pricing strategy that OnePlus will opt for with the Lite.

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