OnePlus Might Change Its Pricing Strategy With The 8T

Sep 11, 2020 News

OnePlus Might Change Its Pricing Strategy With The 8T

OnePlus has turned into quite the smartphone company now, as it’s gone for a dynamic pricing strategy in its products as compared to its previous devices - which were great phones with flagship level specs at mid range prices, but with a few corners cut. When the company came out with the OnePlus 8 series, the focus changed a bit towards the flagship side, as the 8 Pro was an all out top-level device with barely any compromises but with a higher price tag - something OnePlus fans weren’t used to. However, there weren’t many complaints considering the phone was still one of the best if not the best in the market.

With the Nord, things changed a bit and OnePlus reassured its fanbase that it isn’t going to forget its roots, as the Nord was a brilliant all around phone released this year with a minimal price tag. It wasn’t flagship level, but was surely the next best thing and at 1/3rd the price of most flagships these days.

Now, there are several rumours of the 8T coming to existence soon by this month or the next, as it might change the tide and bring it back once again to more affordable devices. A well-known tipper posted on Twitter that the 8T Pro is getting cancelled, as we will only see the 8T come to the market for now. (Kebab2 is the codename for OnePlus 8T Pro, with just Kebab being the 8T)

This may very well mean that OnePlus is going to stick with mid range prices as much as they can, without overwhelming its fans with different phone variants at different prices. OnePlus is a company that likes to tease and show previews of what it’s working on, and that might also come into light with the upcoming OnePlus 8T as we expect to hear something soon from the phone manufacturer.

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