OnePlus In Europe Is Writing Its Own Success Story, Presenting A Sales Increase Of 388%!

Apr 29, 2021 News

OnePlus In Europe Is Writing Its Own Success Story, Presenting A Sales Increase Of 388%!

OnePlus, the global technology company, recorded a dynamic start in 2021, with a significant increase in sales by 388% and an increase in revenue by 286% in the first quarter of 2021, compared to the same quarter last year. This growth is primarily fueled by its flagship smartphone range, contributing 65% to total revenue, including the recently released OnePlus 9 series.

Northern Europe was named the region with the best performance, contributing over 30%, the most significant contribution to the region's revenue, followed by Western Europe. This performance aligns with the company's growth strategy for opportunities in the Scandinavian region, Belgium and the Netherlands. The Central Eastern Europe region has also made a significant contribution, approaching the third place, which underscores OnePlus' growing focus on this strategic investment region to expand its presence here. Among the countries, the top three yielding markets include Finland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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Tuomas Lampen - Head of Strategy of OnePlus Europe, said: "We have made a great start to 2021 in Europe, thanks to the strong performance of the flagship series, the growing community and continued investment in key markets such as Northern Europe, our focus on new markets such as the countries of Central and Eastern Europe for sustainable development. In the future, we will continue to work to offer a wider product portfolio of future 5G devices in partnership with our community and make OnePlus a name to consider when we think about a reliable and premium smartphone experience.

The success is a continuation of the brand's impressive performance in the Northern Europe region last year, where OnePlus was one of the top three smartphone brands in Finland and Denmark, according to Counterpoint Research Market Monitor for the fourth quarter of 2020. According to At the show, in Finland, OnePlus ranked as the number one Android 5G brand, took second place in the Android smartphone market in Denmark and the Netherlands and was third in the smartphone market over $ 400 in the same period.

Over the years, OnePlus has created some of the most popular smartphones in the industry. The latest joining is the OnePlus 9 series, featuring a top-of-the-line Hasselblad Camera for the Mobile system, next-generation high-speed monitors and fast wireless charging technology that goes beyond the wired charging solutions of most of its competitors. Today OnePlus serves the market with a diverse product portfolio that includes premium and mid-range smartphones, the OnePlus Watch, its first wearable for global markets announced recently and wireless audio accessories. Last year, with the OnePlus Nord and OnePlus Nord N Series release as an extension of the brand's Never, Settle approach, OnePlus focused on creating the best products and user experience in the mid-range segment, making the OnePlus experience available to more users Worldwide.

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