OnePlus Devices Will Now Support 90FPS On PUBG

Aug 06, 2020 Games

OnePlus Devices Will Now Support 90FPS On PUBG

PUBG is one of the biggest games in the world, especially for mobile gamers, and it brings millions of players to its platform on a daily basis. The game was also recently unbanned in Pakistan by the PTA as well, which means players can get back to hunting for chicken dinners with their friends. People often have a set mindset as to what they want in a phone before buying it, and a lot of times they look at what might be the best phone for PUBG - and we’re here to tell you all about it.

The OnePlus flagship phones often are considered to be the snappiest phones in the market, but it also should be considered that even though they don’t necessarily have the highest benchmarks, they’re recognized by game developers as the industry leading pack, and thus get optimized gameplay for them. What that means is, just like OnePlus was the first in line to get 90fps gameplay on Fortnite on its devices, again it’s been recognized by PUBG to be the first phone manufacturer to get official 90fps support on its flagship devices. OnePlus 8 devices, 7T series and the 7 Pro all will be getting official 90fps support for PUBG gameplay as of today - as it’ll remain the exclusive phone manufacturer to get that feature till September.

It’s interesting to see OnePlus Nord get left out of the list of devices for this upgrade considering it has a 90Hz display - but maybe the Snapdragon 765G wasn’t deemed powerful enough to support 90fps officially. All in all, this is a great time to get a OnePlus device if you didn’t already have one!

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