OnePlus CEO Pete Lau Might Be Rejoining Oppo: But Will Still Head OnePlus

Jun 23, 2020 News

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau Might Be Rejoining Oppo: But Will Still Head OnePlus

OnePlus has been one of the most successful mobile companies of the decade, or since its launch in 2013, and that’s widely due to the top notch marketing tactics implemented by the company, and flagship level specs provided to users at barely half the price. A lot of their success has to do with how the company’s CEO, Pete Lau has managed the phone company. The 15 or so mobile devices that OnePlus has released over the course of its existence have been all critically acclaimed. Pete Lau was previously the Vice President of Oppo, and decided to create OnePlus as his own company, leaving Oppo behind.

The strategy used by OnePlus to get attention was the catchphrase “flagship killer”, as most of the tech journalists referred to the company’s phone with it. This was because the phone provided top-notch specs and qualities in a phone that you’d find at a 1000 bucks, for a mere proportion of that price. However, as time has elapsed, and as OnePlus has cemented itself as one of the top phone manufacturers in the world, it may be on a different track now, as the company’s recent OnePlus 8 Pro sneakily entered the flagship price segment. That’s not to say that the phone isn’t worth its value, though. The OnePlus 8 Pro now barely lacks any of the cutoffs that it previously had to make because of the price it came with. Now there aren’t many compromises made on the phone, and that’s why it’s one of the best and fastest smartphones you can get in 2020.

Now, it’s rumoured that Pete might return to his previous company again, and help Oppo reach the level he’s taken OnePlus at, and make the prior a leading mobile manufacturer as well. He won’t be leaving his current position at OnePlus though, as he’ll continue to elevate OnePlus’ standards even further, and maybe surpass the likes of Samsung and Huawei in terms of market shares. Oppo and OnePlus, along with Vivo and Realme are all owned by the same company, being BBK Electronics, and that will play a huge part in ensuring a seamless integration between the two companies.

This integration is going to help both companies improve their quality, and might also prove to be beneficial for the users based on either of these phone manufacturers.

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