OnePlus CEO "Confirms" Always On Display Coming To Their Phones

Aug 07, 2020 News

OnePlus CEO "Confirms" Always On Display Coming To Their Phones

OnePlus was already a powerhouse of a phone when it was launched, thanks to its marketing strategies and the value it provided in the low price tag it came with. However, they’ve seriously upped their game in recent years, as they can easily claim to be the best Android device in the market as of now, if not the best smartphone overall. This is due to the upgrade of materials that they’ve used in recent flagships, and one such upgrade has been the addition of an AMOLED display instead of LCD ones. However, even with an AMOLED display, we haven’t really gotten an Always On Display feature with the latest OnePlus devices - but now that might not be the case, as Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus, has teased the AOD feature coming to the latest flagships.

OnePlus’ account on Weibo actually uploaded photos of the phone which seems to be the OnePlus 8 Pro, with an AOD functioning on the screen. This was further confirmed by the CEO, as he tweeted a picture of a digital clock in the same design style as the Nord, which reads 11 o'clock, with the caption of the tweet being: 11 “on display”. This seems to be a strong indication of the AOD feature coming soon to all OnePlus devices with an AMOLED display in a future OxygenOS software update.

Phones from OnePlus are usually maxed out when it comes to the hardware department, so they usually bring software updates throughout a phone’s lifespan to keep improving the experience for users from time to time, like in the camera department. This shows OnePlus’ commitment to its users and the company’s willingness to provide their customers what they want.

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