OnePlus Bringing A New OS On Board

Aug 10, 2020 News

OnePlus Bringing A New OS On Board

OnePlus is a phone manufacturer going uphill by all measurements, as they've gotten immense praise for their newest OnePlus Nord, which saw the company go back to their roots, and provide users with a budget friendly phone with great specs all around - something OnePlus has been known to do since the start of its operations. Now they look to bring even more new changes to their phones, now in the software department, as OxygenOS will be getting upgraded to HydrogenOS 11, an OS with an AOD feature, voice notes options, memory management upgrades and a lot more. 

HydrogenOS was announced by the company in an online live event held by them, as the new features of the upcoming HydrogrenOS were discussed. OnePlus has stated that they've used the simplest of elements to make an OS that helps users to grasp knowledge easily. An update to the gallery is also brought, as there will be built-in image and video editing options and features inside the local gallery app once you're done shooting. The voice notes app will also make use of smart AI and allow you to carry out live speech to text generation within the app itself. Moreover, the RAM management is also being improved from the software side, as more apps will be able to run in the same amount of RAM as lesser apps used to take previously.

All in all, this seems like a positive change brought towards the OnePlus community, as it's a good update for avid users. It'll be made available for all OnePlus devices from 5T and up, as beta versions for the OnePlus 8 Pro have already landed for users to enjoy in Chjna. It seems like we will have in our hands the HydrogenOS not so far down the road.

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