OnePlus Android 11 Preview: OnePlus 8T Render Leaked? RCS Messages, Improved Game Mode Access

Sep 02, 2020 News

OnePlus Android 11 Preview: OnePlus 8T Render Leaked? RCS Messages, Improved Game Mode Access

OnePlus is a phone brand that’s dearly followed by the user base, as the company is mainly appreciated for their user-oriented approach to their model of business. Now, after the release of the OnePlus Nord - one of the best devices of 2020, everyone’s eager to see what OnePlus might come up with in the future, especially with the due release of the “T” variants of the OnePlus 8 series, in the 8T and 8T Pro. Along with that, we’ve also heard quite a lot of noise about OnePlus working on OxygenOS 11 which will be built on top of Android 11, and the new features that the new version of OS is going to bring along. Now the latest Developer Preview 4 has been released for OnePlus, as we look to go over some of the major features to take note of from it.

Improved Game Mode Access

OnePlus devices are mainly known for their speed and smoothness - the sheer processing power within the phones is bound to make the phone viable for all heavy duty tasks - and that mainly features games. Gaming has continuously been a major plus factor on OnePlus devices, and thus they’ve added the Game Mode, which helps improve the gaming experience for users. Now, the Game Mode can be accessed much more easily when in a game, as you just have to swipe from either the top left or top right corner of the screen in a diagonal manner, and that’ll switch on the Game Mode - from which you can then proceed to change settings like turning off notifications and more.

game mode oneplus

RCS Support?

RCS is a hot topic in the world of Android these days, as it seems like the competitor to iMessage on Apple devices. The service is slowly reaching to phones globally with the help of mobile couriers. Now it seems like OnePlus is also showing signs of potentially including RCS in its future phones too, as in the debug menu of the Messages app of OnePlus, there were options of checking the RCS framework state and debugging the server address. Even though this isn’t a clear cut proof that RCS is going to be on OnePlus devices right when Android 11 drops - but it shows that the company is working on the feature and is planning to bring it out soon for users.


OnePlus 8T Potential Render

If you go into the About Phone section in the settings of the Developer Preview 4 version, you’ll see a phone that looks similar to the OnePlus 8, but it has a flat display, which could suggest that it might be our first look at the OnePlus 8T. Have a look at it yourself!

oneplus 8t

The September patch of the Developer Preview 4.0 on the OnePlus 8 brings for us plenty of new things in store, as they look to roll out soon for users in the upcoming Android 11 stable release.

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