OnePlus 9 Pro Will Be Equipped With Self-Developed Refresh Rate Technology. It's Something New!

Mar 17, 2021 News

OnePlus 9 Pro Will Be Equipped With Self-Developed Refresh Rate Technology. It's Something New!

As a popularizer of high-resolution screens in the mobile phone industry, OnePlus 7 Pro promotes high-quality screens in the entire mobile phone industry, with the world's first 2K/120Hz display.

It is reported that the LTPO screen has a faster response speed than the previous screen, and the power consumption can be significantly reduced. More importantly, the technology supports a high-range refresh rate adjustment and can support an adaptive refresh rate adjustment within 120Hz.

Samsung has equipped this screen in its top flagships in the past two years, but due to technical barriers and other reasons, the previous screen technology can only achieve adaptive refresh rate switching from 10Hz to 120Hz.

OnePlus founder Liu Zuohu said, this time, OnePlus collaborates with Samsung Display and has self-developed adaptive frequency technology (Adaptive Frequency), which completely releases the potential of LTPO screens and successfully drops the frequency conversion range from the lowest 10Hz supported by hardware to 1Hz.

According to the official introduction of OnePlus, OnePlus 9 Pro can freely switch the frame rate between 1Hz-120Hz according to the screen content, which can save up to 50% of the power. Simultaneously, it has developed a "game overclocking response" function based on the screen characteristics, and the synchronization frequency is increased. Three times - six times, shooting faster, aiming more stable.

In addition to more innovative refresh rate technology, the screen of OnePlus 9 Pro also has the industry's leading display technology, and has obtained the DisplayMate A+ rating, refreshing 13 display records, and has an actual 10bit display effect of over one billion colors, 8192 level brightness adjustment, automatic color temperature sensing and other technologies.

It is worth mentioning that OnePlus 9 Pro also abandoned the traditional curved screen solution this time and adopted a micro-curved 3D design, with only bends in the black area of the screen, which maximizes the balance between the feel of the curved surface and the standard display. The effect will not cause false touch simultaneously, and it will bring a full range of excellent experiences in terms of vision and touch.


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