OnePlus 8T Will Likely Ship With Android 11, Snapdragon 865+, 120Hz Display And More

Sep 04, 2020 News

OnePlus 8T Will Likely Ship With Android 11, Snapdragon 865+, 120Hz Display And More

The OnePlus phones have always been taken as the flagship killers - the phones that provide flagship level specs in half the prices of those flagship phones. In fact, this strategy and their business model is the main reason they’ve gotten so much popularity and fame over the years. However, with the introduction of the OnePlus 8 series, things took a different turn - and not necessarily a bad one. Of course when OnePlus did provide flagship specs at mid range prices, they had to cut off corners in various departments to prioritize the important specs - and that disallowed the phone to compete fully with the flagships of the market. However, with the OnePlus 8 series, you could say that nothing was compromised on, and with the price increase, we also saw a more complete smartphone.

Now, we’ve heard quite a bit about the upcoming OnePlus 8T series coming to the market, and we finally have a partial list of some of the specs that will be on the OnePlus 8T.

What Will The OnePlus 8T Feature?

Right off the bat, we will tackle the display department on the 8T, as the screen size stays the same at 6.55”, with the display being AMOLED along with having a 120Hz refresh rate - an upgrade from the 90Hz seen in the OnePlus 8. If we’re talking performance, then it’s obvious that the upcoming flagship phone from OnePlus will have the fastest processor in the market, which is the Snapdragon 865+ - so all worries of yours about gaming, social media usage and more should be out of the question. Moreover, it seems like the phone will be coming with a 8+128GB setup, enough for the current day’s usage rate.

Moving on to the camera department, then the 8T will have the same numbers here too, with a 48MP+16MP+5MP+2MP array at the back. However, one major change is that OnePlus will be improving the main 48MP sensor, so you can expect better quality images and videos.

The OnePlus 8T is expected to ship some time around October, as it’s most likely going to come out of the box with the upcoming Android 11.

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