OnePlus 8T Review: Best In-Class!

Oct 15, 2020 Reviews

OnePlus 8T Review: Best In-Class!

Over the past few years, OnePlus has truly taken the world by storm, cementing its place in the top tier level of smartphones - being one of the best performing smartphone OEMs in the market since it came into the market. OnePlus has always put customers first, and that has led them to be so successful and gain a loyal fanbase over the years. Now, after the success of the OnePlus 8 series, there had been much talk about the 8T - and it’s finally here in the market, and boy o’ boy is it darn good!

Design & Build

The OnePlus 8T is built like its predecessors when it comes to build materials, but this time it just feels a little more slippery in hand due to the glass protection at the back. OnePlus has gone with an aluminium frame for the 8T, and at either side of the aluminium, there’s a sheet of gorilla glass protection to make sure the phone stays undamaged throughout its course of existence. You may want to go with a case on this one as it’s a big, slippery phone, and you may end up dropping it sooner than later. It isn’t too heavy though, coming in at just 188 grams, as we’ve seen a lot more heavier phones in the recent past, going up to 220g even.

The camera module’s design has been altered as well, as OnePlus has switched from the oval-ish layout in the middle to a sort of a curved rectangle at the side. We don’t hate this new design approach, and it definitely looks different as compared to all other phones which are either copying Samsung’s module or iPhone’s.

All in all, this thing is built solid, and it’s definitely going to last a long time. However, you won’t be getting an official IP certification for waterproofing, but that’s probably due to cost saving, and not that the phone isn’t waterproof itself.


From the past couple or so years, OnePlus has actually been nailing their displays, as the same can be said for the 8T as well, with a gorgeous OLED panel with bright and vibrant colors, and jet blacks. Viewing angles are excellent, and brightness can be easily readable outdoors in direct sunlight. Of course the phone also comes with a support for 120Hz refresh rate, which all in all adds together to the extremely smooth experience of the phone.


We all know OnePlus phones for their blazing fast performance, and with the 8T, it’s all the same. The phone feels just every bit as fast and smooth as it always has, if not more. The Snapdragon 865, the 120Hz refresh rate display, the smooth OxygenOS from OnePlus - it all adds up to make the OnePlus 8T one of the smoothest feeling phones in the market. You won’t have any issues playing your favourite games on the phone at top graphics at 60, 90 or even 120fps - as OnePlus will probably be the first device to support gaming in 120fps.

Moving on to battery performance, and again the 8T has one of the best battery performers in the game as of now. The 4,500mAh battery does great in handling the 120Hz screen along with the high performance of the phone - and gives up to 9 hours of screen on time with heavy usage. And let’s suppose you manage to drain out the battery completely, then just plug it in for the time you make breakfast, and you’ll be over 50% juiced up.

oneplus 8t

Yes, the OnePlus 8T supports and comes with a 65W charger, which will charge it up to 58% in just 15 minutes, and a 100% in 39 minutes - which is absolutely absurd, and definitely puts the 8T around the top of the best battery performance in smartphones.


One thing that OnePlus was not always the best in class was the camera department - and that’s why a lot of people and even media persons chose other phones like Samsung and Apple over OnePlus. However, ever since the OnePlus 7 series, or the 7T series, the cameras have been above-par, and pretty good to say the least. However, with the 8 Pro, they reached flagship level for camera quality, and with the 8T, it just gets better.

Daylight pictures come out spectacular, with plenty of detail and dynamic range in pictures. Images process swiftly as well thanks to the Snapdragon 865. Moreover, colors are true to life, and not overly saturated at all.

oneplus 8t

Night time photography won’t be as good, as some detail is lost when taking shots - but it’s still pretty decent at worst. The phone isn’t as good as the 8 Pro when it comes to night shots, but that’s a tall hill to climb. All in all, just don’t expect too much from the night photography department.


The OnePlus 8T comes to the market with a fresh design, and is priced at 599 euros, or $749 - not too bad considering the market and the pricing of the phones we have gotten recently, including the S20 FE, Pixel 5 and iPhone 12 Mini - all priced at $699, and all more or less worse phones than the 8T as of now. The 8T is an amazing phone, and doesn’t really have any downsides - at least any major ones. Probably the best phone you can get for the price!

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