Old Classic Contra Coming To Mobile Phones Globally

Jul 22, 2020 Games

Old Classic Contra Coming To Mobile Phones Globally

There have been a lot of old gaming titles that have come to mobile phones lately. We recently got Call of Duty Mobile on smartphones, which has been a globally loved shooting game on consoles dating back to the early 2000’s. Now we may have another popular shooting game coming to mobile devices globally which will surely strike nostalgia - and it’s going to be Contra Reborn. Contra is one of the most popular games from the early days of the original Nintendo Gameboy, and it brings a plethora of memories for most gaming enthusiasts.

Contra Reborn was actually released for mobile back in 2017, but it was only available for China users only. The game was developed by the same developers who worked on CoD Mobile, being TiMi Studios, along with Garena - so you can expect decent graphics in the game. The developers have released the game in several other countries since then, and are now thinking of rolling out a global version which everyone can enjoy.


As of now, the game has no online features and is purely reliant on an offline, story mode gameplay, which itself is pretty addicting. We don’t think that the developers are ruling out an online mode later on in the game, as we may as well witness that featured in the game - and that will certainly help Contra Reborn get a lot of attention. We don’t know exactly when it will come out globally, but rumours are that it won’t be much longer.

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