Official: Vivo is Setting Up a Smartphone Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan

Dec 07, 2020 News

Official: Vivo is Setting Up a Smartphone Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan

Pakistani smartphone market calls for a large demand in the mid range department of devices, as users in the country are mostly belonging to the middle-class income group, hence everyone is looking for a smartphone that brings the most value in the cheapest price possible. Brand image is not considered that important here as compared to the US or Europe. Hence, mid range phones tend to be extremely successful in the country. Realme devices, Xiaomi phones and even Huawei all were successful in Pakistan because of their mid range products offered in the country.

Another such brand that has now skyrocketed in sales in Pakistan due to its mid range phone collection is Vivo, another Chinese manufacturer prospering in the country. Vivo was actually the 5th biggest phone maker in the world, right behind Apple for 2020, and Pakistan has quite a lot of say in that as well. Having seen all of the great amount of sales being made in Pakistan for Vivo devices, the company executives have now decided to officially inaugurate the building of Vivo’s very own phone manufacturing plant in Pakistan - as it would help boost the business, and prevent smuggled devices, as demand for the company’s phones have already been proven to be great in Pakistan.

Intl Smart Phone Brand VIVO has decided to establish a smart phone manufacturing facility in Pak. Land purchased.

The new branch will be set up in Faisalabad, as Vivo executives had a meeting with the Federal Minister for Industries to discuss the new plant, and all the good that will come out of it. Vivo has initially provided a $10m initial investment into the construction of the plant, as this is surely a start of good things to come in the future for Pakistani smartphone market and for consumers as well. Apparently, the revenues for Vivo have more than doubled over the past few years, and their products have already been proven in the Pakistani market. All in all, this seems like great news for Pakistanis, and we hope it brings more manufacturers to the country as well!

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