Nokia's Truly Wireless Earphones Released: Not Bad For 50 Bucks

Sep 09, 2020 News

Nokia's Truly Wireless Earphones Released: Not Bad For 50 Bucks

After seeing other phone manufacturers trying their luck with other branches of the tech world as well, Nokia has also decided that it won’t back down either, as they’ve just released their own truly wireless earphones, with the Nokia E3500 Essential True Wireless. The earphones went live for sale today on the 9th of September, and are retailing for 329 yuan, or about $50. The E3500 are currently available in 3 colors, being black, blue and white.

The earphones have lots of features to appreciate at this tiny price point, and the most imp one is probably the 10mm dynamic coil drivers, which are great for bass and that’s why these earphones will provide you with thumpy bass - something most audio lovers are a fan of. Moreover, there’s also an ambient mode in the earphones, which upon turning on will allow you to hear the changes in the environment around you, so you can continue to listen to your music without having to take your earphones off to listen to the traffic or metro announcement.

There are dual microphones present in the earphones, which allow for better call quality and when paired with the Qualcomm cVc technology, it also helps reduce noise from the background which is unnecessary. The E3500s also have the ability to make use of voice assistants.

nokia truly wireless earphones

The earphones are extremely light in weight, coming in at only 5g, which is the equivalent of about a medium sized paper. You also get about 7 hours of music playback in a full charge - which could’ve been better in our opinion. Moreover, they’re also waterproof, with an IPX5 certification - so don’t worry if you drop them in water!

All in all the earphones are great, and if they can sound as good as they claim to, then they might actually be a solid deal considering the cheap price point they come at.

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