Nokia To Release Another Budget Device

Jul 22, 2020 News

Nokia To Release Another Budget Device

Nokia has been trying to make a name for itself in the budget/mid range department of smartphones, and it surely has released a few decent phones like the Nokia 5.3, which was a sub-200 phone with good specs. The company hasn’t been able to crack the flagship segment of the market, and hence is trying to build from the ground up, and try to dominate other regions, and they’re releasing another budget device to do exactly that. The upcoming budget phone from Nokia is currently known as Nokia TA-1258, and it seems like the phone will go for around 100 dollars.

You’ll be getting an HD+ 720p display on the front, with an expected pair of chin and forehead instead of a notch as it’s going to be an 18:9 ratio screen. Moreover, the processor inside the phone is unknown, but it’s going to clock upto 1.6GHz with 3 gigs of RAM. You’re going to get an option of the storage being 32GB or 64, but we suggest going for the latter in 2020. The back camera is going to be an 8MP shooter, with the selfie camera maxing out at 5MP - something that’s to be expected at this price range.The phone will also consist of a fingerprint scanner at the back.

Perhaps the biggest selling point for this phone, like most other Nokia phones, is going to be its Android One compatibility. The upcoming Nokia device will run on Android One, which means you’ll get Android 10 out of the box, with an almost guaranteed upgrade to Android 11 in the future. This is a great aspect of this phone, and to get this kind of software capability in the budget range is unheard of. Now it’s a waiting game to see how this phone might pan out, and the exact price it’s going to sell for.

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