Nokia Expected To Be Acquired By Microsoft In 2021

Oct 05, 2020 News

Nokia Expected To Be Acquired By Microsoft In 2021

CCS Insight is a leading smartphone analyst that makes predictions and claims based on the given data in the market, as to how the smartphone world is going to look like in the near future. Now, they’ve made a bold prediction about the future of Nokia in 2021, as they expect the Korean company to be acquired by a US tech giant.

They’ve claimed that Microsoft and Intel from the US have great interest in acquiring the telecom and smartphone company due to reasons that could shape up the tech world in the future. Now we all know that Microsoft already has a rich history with Nokia, as they bought the phone company for $7 billion back in 2013, and installed their own Windows OS inside of their smartphones which were branded under Lumia. However, that little adventure wasn’t successful at all, as Microsoft just didn’t have what it took to beat the likes of iOS and Android in the market.

Nokia since then returned to the smartphone business, trying to make a name for itself in the Android side of things - but things haven’t been looking all that well for the company. Now, Nokia has signed a deal with the British Telecom Company BT, to be their largest equipment supplier. Perhaps that’s the reason the Korean manufacturer has gotten so much interest from other tech giants in the US.

Both Intel and Microsoft have been looking at Nokia to help them advance forward in the field of 5G - a void that’s been left by Huawei after it received multiple sanctions from the US administration. It will be interesting to see if we get to see an end to the Nokia collection of smartphones - or if they continue with it and supply the 5G equipment to either Microsoft or Intel as well alongside, depending on who they sign a deal with.

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