Nokia Announced 5G Patents Ranked First

May 03, 2021 News

Nokia Announced 5G Patents Ranked First

Recently, Nokia officially announced that Nokia is in a leading position in 5G standard-essential patents. This conclusion is based on an independent third-party study that confirmed that Nokia ranks first in patents for mobile phone standards, including 5G. On April 28, Nokia officially announced that in the latest research report (April 2021) by the independent third-party consulting agency PA Couslting, Nokia ranked first in 5G patents.


Nokia believes that an independent third party has once again confirmed its industry-leading 5G patent portfolio strength. In the research on standard-essential patents released by PA Couslting this time, Nokia ranked first in obtaining 5G standard authorized patents.

According to Nokia, this is the second time that PA Couslting's research has confirmed Nokia's leadership in 5G standard-essential patents. In the last research report released by the agency in 2019, Nokia also ranked first.

The agency conducted its technical analysis of the 5G patent landscape, investigating whether patents are genuinely essential to the 5G standard rather than relying on the patent holder's original filing number.

Jenni Lukander, Nokia's Senior Vice President of Patents and Licensing, said: ‘These independent studies reflect Nokia's continuous investment in the development of industry standards, R&D, and the strength of our patent portfolio. Contribution. This study also reminds us that when evaluating the power of a patent portfolio, we need to look at the number of patents and the quality of patents.

Nokia believes that it is one of the most active standard contributors and promoters in 5G standardization. Since 2000, Nokia has invested more than 130 billion euros in research and development and has approximately 20,000 patent families, of which more than 3,500 patent families are considered essential patents for 5G patents.

The second time Nokia has cited PA Couslting's ranking of 5G patents in six months. On November 24, 2020, a similar article by Jenny Lucand was published on Nokia's official website.


The article believes that, compared with the "game" in standard-essential patents that only resembles the number of patents, what is more important is the strength of the patent portfolio. She believes that PA Couslting's patent map analysis is based on the declared and authorized standard-essential patents, rather than just relying on the number of relatively "crude" patent claims disclosed by the patent holders themselves.

It is consistent with Ericsson's point of view. The two established European telecom giants are currently in the same situation. There is still a gap in terms of the number of 5G patents compared with Huawei and Samsung. Therefore, the quality of patents has become an essential principle that Nokia and Ericsson have been adhering to in patent licensing negotiations.

She also mentioned that it is precisely based on continuous efforts on patent quality, including the final litigation method, that has been the key to Nokia's success in the past few years. And Nokia is continuing to establish new "milestones" based on its accumulated technologies in the automotive and consumer electronics fields.

The latest report of the British company PA Couslting on which Nokia is based is already the third patent ranking necessary for 5G standards this year.

On February 18, German IPlystics released "Who is leading the 5G patent race?" "Huawei ranks first with 15.4% of 5G standard-essential patents, and Nokia ranks third.


On April 22, the United States Unified Patent released 5G RAN standard-essential patent holders. Huawei still ranked first with 14.8%, and Nokia ranked seventh with 4.9%.

nokia 2

The analysis and published data of 5G standard-essential patents by different organizations are pretty other. This is where the current 5G standard-essential patents are controversial regarding ‘transparency’. It is also the place where disagreements arise during licensing negotiations.

The PA Consulting company adopted by Nokia did not publish a specific research report, so it will also question its conclusions and research methods.

nokia 3

For example, the CEO of IPlytics in Germany, shortly after Nokia's announcement, issued a document stating that there are already multiple reports on 5G leaders. It is difficult to tell who is the credible report. The main problem lies in the transparency of data sources and analysis methods.

I believe that with the gradual advancement of 5G patent licensing negotiations, the public opinion contention of major global standard-essential patent holders will enter a new climax. Behind it is how much each company will eventually succeed in their own SEP patents." The fierce competition for ‘realization’.

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