Nokia 5.4 with 6.4-Inch Hole-Punch Display Expected to Launched Soon In Pakistan

Dec 03, 2020 News

Nokia 5.4 with 6.4-Inch Hole-Punch Display Expected to Launched Soon In Pakistan

Nokia hasn’t really been doing a great job with their smartphones as of late, as the company had less than 1% market share in the smartphone business, and really wasn’t anyone’s first choice phone manufacturer at all. This is because the company hasn’t really been releasing any top of the line smartphones with great value for the price, and it’s only just decent smartphones, with mediocre chipsets, as it’s just not enough to make the cut with the likes of Xiaomi, Realme, and even options from Samsung in the mix out here.

However, this might get changed in the near future, as a new Nokia phone has been spotted on the radar, which is being called the 5.4, and it will reportedly feature better specs, a better chipset and all around more value for your money as compared to what we’ve seen before.

The new 5.4 is going to come with a hole-punch cutout in the front for the selfie camera, and will make the screen real estate maximized as compared to previous models. The back of the phone seems like a glass back as well, and even if it isn’t, in the leaks we’ve seen, it just reeks of premiumness and elegance. The screen size is going to be 6.4” as per the reports we’ve heard on the phone.

The 5.3 from Nokia in the market was a let down, as the most important part of a smartphone - its chipset, was the most disappointing factor of the 5.3. Nokia used a Snapdragon 665 in the phone, which seems like a chipset from decades ago, as the Finnish entity really needs to make some changes in their business plan.

The 5.4 was spotted in some Australian retail stores, and might launch in Pakistan by the end of the year.

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