Nokia 3.4 Arrives in Pakistan. Improved Android, Better Design and Snapdragon 460

Nov 19, 2020 News

Nokia 3.4 Arrives in Pakistan. Improved Android, Better Design and Snapdragon 460

It is no doubt that Nokia had been facing quite a bit of a slump in their sales, as the company was just not getting that sort of result that it was hoping for as a smartphone manufacturer. There were actual reports that were suggesting that Nokia might be putting a stop on the production of its smartphones, as they just weren’t making them the money they thought it would.

However, as we say that, we have a brand new Nokia smartphone in our hands, as the Nokia 3.4 just made its mark on the Pakistani market a couple of days ago as an entry level mid range device, coming in at just under 25,000 PKR - a price that sits around some decent alternatives in the game from other manufacturers like Xiaomi, Realme and Tecno as well.

The 3.4 offers a different experience from the traditional lower end mid range phone at this price point, as it does not go for any flashy specs, and keeps it simple and elegant with the phone, all the way from the way it’s designed, to the software inside. The new Nokia phone is seemingly inspired by the culture of Finland and Scandinavia in general, showing its partnership with HMD, a Finland based company. Even in all the marketing posts done by Nokia, in the background there are images of the landscapes of the Nordic regions, with aurora lights taking centre stage as well in some of them.

nokia 3.4

The phone has a ring shaped camera module at the back which looks a little similar, but smaller when compared to the Mate 40 series by Huawei. You get a plastic frame at the back, and metallic finish on the sides as well. If we talk about the specs of the device, then there’s a Snapdragon 460 inside here, a brand new chipset from Qualcomm, as it certainly is decent in its performance aspect. Moreover, you also get clean, stock Android which is very impressive at the price point, and something you will not find at this price point whatsoever. There’s also a 6.39” 720p display, which will get your job done, but don’t expect it to do any wonders. A 5,000mAh battery is behind the charging of all these components, which will easily last you a day.

All in all, the Nokia 3.4 is an exciting addition to the market, and one that will definitely help Nokia catch the eyes of the consumers.

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