No Android 11 For Phones With 2GB RAM Or Less

Jul 22, 2020 News

No Android 11 For Phones With 2GB RAM Or Less

It’s strange the way the smartphone world has progressed so much in the past few years - a lot more than most of the other major tech categories. Just a couple or so years ago, 4GB RAM was considered to be the flagship spec of phones, and 2 to 3 gigs was a good amount of memory in mid range devices. Budget phones would usually have 1GB RAM or even less, and no one would have any issues with it. However, now things have changed, and even mid range devices consist of 6 to 8GB of RAM normally, and 4GB is considered average at best. Google is moving on with that ideology, as it has announced that no phone with a RAM of 2GB or less will get access to future Android updates.

The decision made by Google seems like an understandable one, as newer Android versions need a lot of memory to be able to operate the way they are programmed to, and phones with less than 2GB won’t be able to allow the OS to work properly. Moreover, phones with 512MB of RAM won’t even be able to load the full version of Android, as they’ll need to get on Android Go. This is a smaller version of Android, with lite versions of all base apps, so phones with low RAM won’t get stuck while loading even the most basic of apps.

This change will be brought into practice around the end of 2020, when the stable version of Android 11 drops globally as well. The decision made by Google isn’t intended to kick lower end phone users off their programme, but to provide a smaller version of Android that they can run on their phones and make the best of their personal devices without over burdening them.

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