Nintendo Will Not Hinder Focus On Their Mobile Projects

Jul 11, 2020 Games

Nintendo Will Not Hinder Focus On Their Mobile Projects

Nintendo is one of the oldest and biggest gaming developers in the world right now, as it has blessed our childhoods with instant classics, such as Mario, Super Smash Bros and so on. They've formulated a great business model that has helped them grow into the mammoth of a company that it is now. The company has its own games, consoles like the Wii and Switch, and even mobile games on Android and iOS. The latter was considered to be discontinued or slowed down from Nintendo's part according to some rumours that surfaced recently. However, Nintendo's president Shuntaro Furukawa sat down with the company's investors for a Q&A session, and stated how his focus will still remain firm on the mobile gaming side of things. 

The main point that the president made was that even though the mobile gaming platform doesn't bring the company as much revenue as other aspects of their business model do, but it still helps bring a lot of players on to the Nintendo IP, which is important in deriving audience for the gaming organization. 

"In addition to generating revenue and profit, our basic strategy with the mobile business is to expand the number of people who have access to Nintendo IP," said the Nintendo president.

"For example, we have broadened the fan base for Nintendo IP like Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, and Mario Kart, and in doing so increased our points of contact with consumers. The mobile business is also strategically important for the expansion of Nintendo Accounts, which support our relationships with consumers."

Some of these Nintendo games have amassed hundreds of millions of dollars for the company, but it still isn't as profitable as other projects by them. However, it's certain that due to the spike of mobile usage in the current generation, it's inevitable that the mobile platform brings Nintendo a lot of audience and users on the platform, which is a positive aspect for them. 

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