New Leaks Surface About The Samsung Note 20 Series

Jun 03, 2020 News

New Leaks Surface About The Samsung Note 20 Series

Samsung is not holding anything back at all, and is looking to dominate 2021's smartphone market just as it has with 2020 for the most part. Samsung has been, for some time now, the phone with the most mobile phone sales in the world, and it's because of phones such as the S20 and the S20 Ultra being so good in every department possible. This is going to be the case for next year as well, as Samsung prepares to come out with a bang with their new Note series. The Note 10 series have been great on their own, but considering a lot of the great hardware used on the S20 series, we can't help but wonder the kind of upgrade the Note series will be over its predecessor. The cost for the base variant will also most likely be cheaper, considering the hardware that will be used is already tried and tested on the S20, so it will be cheaper to manufacture this time around. Thanks to a few leaks from several sources, such as twitter user @OnLeaks, we now have an idea of what the Note 20 will look like, and what specs it will most likely have. 

Samsung recently filed for certification at CCC, China's Compulsory Certificate, and also released some information about the phone and what it will consist of. This helped us to know about some details, such as the Note 20 will have a 4300 mAh battery for the base model, which will be great for its screen size and considering that the Note 20 will probably include the incredible 45W fast charging from the S20 series, it's going to result in an excellent performance in the battery department. 

Moreover, we can also expect the latest and greatest chipset to be installed in the Note 20 from Snapdragon, or Samsung's own Exynos chip, depending on what version of the phone you have - and just like any other Samsung flagship, you won't need to worry about the performance side of things on the upcoming Note series. Gaming will be a joyable experience, not just because of smooth performance, but also the unparalleled screen quality Samsung usually has on its phones. 

There are also reports of better fingerprint and eye-scanning hardware on the new Note 20 series, which will result in faster and more secure phone unlocking using your biometrics. Increased RAM is also expected, along with faster storage capabilities on the device. This all ties together and will make the Note 20 one of the best performing phones in 2021 when it comes out. 

Camera department will undoubtedly be top-tier on the Note 20 series, as it will inherit the camera setup from the S20 Ultra, which was indefinitely the best camera on an Android phone in 2020. We expect the same to follow with the upcoming Samsung flagships, as it will also look to absolutely dominate the camera competition as well. 

We hope to hear more about the Note 20 soon, and get more information about it. However, one thing is certain and that is that it will be one of the best devices of 2021, if not the best.

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