New Features Coming To iOS 14

Jun 09, 2020 News

New Features Coming To iOS 14

iOS is the only direct competitor to Android OS, and in the eyes of many, it’s considered to be a better software overall in terms of user experience. Apple may not provide as much customizability and freedom as Android does, but it does make sure its users are getting a clean and smooth UI experience, and that too with the utmost security possible. Android phones have commonly experienced bugs and viruses in their system; but that’s rarely been the case for any Apple phone. That’s because the company is extremely strict in its dealing with security related issues, and perhaps that’s why it doesn’t offer as much freedom in usage as compared to Android phones. 

Recently with the launch of iOS 12 and 13, Apple had implemented a huge design overhaul in their UI, with a new looking control panel, notification bar and whatnot. Apple had transformed the way its phones would look with the newest iOS software, but we don’t think that will be the case with iOS 14’s introduction in the upcoming months. Apple will look to tinker and tweak some of its settings, and introduce a whole lot of features and improvements to its software. We’ve listed 3 major new features and improvements coming to iOS 14 down below. (All the information is based on leaks provided to 9to5Mac and their interpretation of what it’s going to translate to)

A New Homescreen?

We said that Apple was not going to opt for a complete overhaul in design with the upcoming iOS 14, but it doesn’t mean they won’t introduce any design updates at all. The company is going to feature a new home screen page which will feature a complete list of all the app icons that the user has on their phone in one place. This is going to be similar to the style implemented in the Apple Watch software, but it will have a lot more options when it comes to customizability. You will be able to choose in what way and sort you want your icons to be shown on that page, and other tweaks as well which we will be able to get more information on when we get closer to the Apple event.  9to5Mac has also reported that Apple will also allow users to move widgets around on the home screen, which were previously stagnant and unchangeable - surely a fresh change for Apple users.

CarKey: Unlock Your Car With Your iPhone

Apple has been testing out their new technology known as CarKey, but will probably be featured as a permanent standalone app in iOS 14. What this will do is, give users the ability to unlock their cars from their Apple devices while standing close to the car. This is a great new feature and an exciting one too, and is probably looking to rival the technology featured on Tesla. The CarKey feature will only work with NFC enabled cars, and reports suggest that BMW might be the first manufacturer to officially be compatible with it. You will also be able to share the key with family members and friends. 

Augmented Reality Improvements

Apple has also started working with different companies like Starbucks to make their new AR technology really be usable for day-to-day tasks. You will be able to point your Apple device’s camera on a specific latte from Starbucks, and it will give you all the information about it. That sounds revolutionary, and we can’t wait for Apple to release more information about this and how they will manage to unleash the full potential of AR capabilities. 

All these features and a lot more have gotten us very eager to see how things unfold as we come closer to Apple’s WWDC conference scheduled for 26th June.

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