New Explosives-Only Game Mode In Fortnite: High Explosives

Jul 08, 2020 Games

New Explosives-Only Game Mode In Fortnite: High Explosives

Fortnite from Epic Games is known to provide fresh new content for players on a regular basis on the platform. The game updates without much breaks in between, and that means an influx of new features and skins to try out week-in week-out for the player base. Recently we got the Captain America skin inside the store available to be bought by V bucks, which even had the whole shield of the Marvel character that would replace the usual pickaxe for players.

Now the game is coming out with an LTM, or a Limited Time Mode, which is going to be called High Explosives. The name of the feature completely gives away its meaning, which is that it will be available for players to play for a limited time period, and that it will replace all the gun loot in the game, and replace it with explosives. These explosives could be anything from an RPG to lethal grenades and so on. Now when playing the game mode, you’ll have to make sure you don’t apply the same tactics and strategies as you normally would in a basic match inside of Fortnite. You will need to search for higher ground so you can hit your enemies better with rocket launchers. Avoid building tall structures as well, because you never know when you may get taken out with an explosive rocket from a random direction. All hell’s going to break loose with this one!

The game will be available to be played only with squads, so gather your friends and play with them in this immensely fun looking game mode - or just play alone and be teamed up with other random strangers to play with. We appreciate Epic Games for this move, and hope to see regularly updated game modes like this one to keep the content fresh for everyone in general.

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