Netflix Now Offer Select Movies And Shows For Free To Users Without An Account

Sep 01, 2020 App News

Netflix Now Offer Select Movies And Shows For Free To Users Without An Account

In the current day and age of technology, video streaming is a huge deal for people, and it's given a lot of attention from users. There are lots of video streaming apps and platforms for users to enjoy, and all of them have different kind of user bases and appeal. We have YouTube, where the content posted is usually the work of individual creators, and stuff that's made by users themselves. We then have the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, which rely on movies and shows that are made by production companies - or sometimes, by their ownself (Netflix original series, etc). We also have competitors like Disney+, which caters to a select group of users who have access to exclusive content you won't find anywhere else but on the platform. 

Saying all this, it won't be wrong to say that Netflix is definitely one of the most, if not the most popular video streaming platform on the internet. It also recently crossed a billion downloads on Google Play Store, which speaks for its popularity and fame amongst the masses. This is due to the affordable prices of the subscription packages offered by Netflix, paired with an easy to use interface and a great library consisting of a wide variety of shows and movies. 

However, the company understands that not everyone has the privilege to pay for a service like Netflix - at least not without being satisfied with the service by trying it first. For that very reason, the platform is now bringing the possibility to actually watch select Netflix shows and movies for free on the website - and you don't even need an account! This deal goes for everyone with an internet connection, regardless of where they live. 

Here's the complete list of movies and shows you can currently watch for free


Stranger Things


Boss Baby – Back in Business

When They See Us

Love is Blind

Our Planet

Grace and Frankie


Murder Mystery

Bird Box

The Two Popes

You might be wondering that there might be a catch to this. Well, there is a slight one - you can only watch the first episode of the series that are included. For the rest you'll have to acquire the subscription of the platform. This is a great move by the company, and one that will serve as a win win for all stakeholders - as it will help bring more customers on Netflix's platform, and users will be able to enjoy some of the content on Netflix for absolutely free. 

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