Netflix Finally Reaches 1 Billion Downloads On Google Play Store

Jul 29, 2020 App News

Netflix Finally Reaches 1 Billion Downloads On Google Play Store

The video streaming industry is a lot different from other media streaming ones, as they have a lot of competition amongst the top drawer apps. For example, in music streaming, Spotify and Apple Music battle it out for the top spot, and it’s always neck and neck between the two. However, for the video streaming industry, there’s only one giant who rules everyone else, at least on mobile, and that’s Netflix. It’s the video streaming platform with the most users on it, and that too by a large margin - and that user base has crossed a huge milestone recently, as Netflix has finally crossed a billion downloads on the Google Play Store.

Netflix, an already popular app, saw a spike in its users and subscribers after the coronavirus situation, as everyone was at home, and watching movies and TV shows is one of the biggest time pass activities. Perhaps another reason that the downloads increased so much for the app is due to the fact that Netflix actually comes pre-installed in several phones from Samsung, Xiaomi and more - and that can certainly bump up the download number.

No matter Covid-19 or not, Netflix was still the king of video streaming, and would’ve still been on top by a substantial gap as it is right now. To put it in context, Hulu has just around 50 million downloads, and Amazon Prime Video has between 100-500 million downloads - both of which are still miles behind Netflix.

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