Motorola To Release A New Mid-Range Banger: One Fusion Plus

Jun 09, 2020 News

Motorola To Release A New Mid-Range Banger: One Fusion Plus

Motorola might be starting to find its rhythm in 2020, after multiple years going without a decent number of sales except in the lower mid-range market. That segment of the market is a place where Motorola has been able to excel in the past, with phones like the G series receiving lots of praise for the value and software experience they provided in the price tag. To target the same market this year, Motorola will be releasing a new phone named as One Fusion Plus which seems like a quality competitor to the likes of the A51 and Pixel 4a. 

The Motorola One Fusion Plus will feature a pop-up selfie camera, unlike its other recent devices which come with a punch-hole camera design instead. This is surprising to see from Motorola at this price point, but it will certainly be appreciated by users. More information on the phone tells us that it will have a whopping 6GB of RAM, which is barely seen at this price, and it will have a 64MP main camera sensor, along with an 8MP ultra-wide, a 5MP macro and a 2MP depth sensor. Knowing Motorola, we feel like the camera quality will be above-par considering its price range, and users won’t be left unsatisfied by it. Moreover, you’ll also get a Snapdragon 730, and 5000 mAh of battery, both of which are impressive at the price it will come with, which is expected to be around 300 bucks. 

We know that Motorola can make great budget and mid-range devices, and their software side of things always compliment the hardware, as they usually feature a stock android experience for users, free from bloatware and irrelevant apps. 

We can’t wait for the Motorola One Fusion Plus to ship, because it certainly seems to be promising and a device that’s going to be popular thanks to the price segment it sits in. 

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