Motorola Probably Has The Best Mobile Software

Aug 04, 2020 News

Motorola Probably Has The Best Mobile Software

Motorola hasn’t really been on top form with its phones lately, as even their latest flagship being the Edge+ wasn’t really that good to prefer it over the likes of OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomi. However, one thing that Motorola did ace and actually has executed really well over the years is the software aspect of their devices, as their version of Android has consistently been one of the best in the market. We’ll talk about the reasons behind that claim.

The biggest reason why one would consider Motorola’s software to be the best in the business is because of how clean and light it is. They opt for a near-stock android look and feel in the software side of things, as there’s barely any bloatware added in the phone like other devices. Motorola is wise enough to actually let Google do what it does best, and thus you have Google Phone for the dialler app, Google Messages for the messaging app and Google Photos for the default gallery app - and it shows that Motorola knows Google has done their job really well, and it would be best to use that instead of making their own.

Motorola devices also have a built-in app to customize gestures, and they are simple and effective for tasks like opening the camera app by twisting the phone, or chopping it twice to open the flashlight. These are ordinary tasks, but they work well and are practical to say the least. There’s also a game mode in the software which allows users to block all app notifications and calls while gaming, so sessions aren’t disturbed.

Even though it seems like a clean but hollow OS from the outside, it actually carries useful features and tools that come in handy oftentimes, and the fact that Motorola executes that so well makes it one of the best OS to use currently.

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