Motorola Is Coming Out With A New Budget Device

Jun 03, 2020 News

Motorola Is Coming Out With A New Budget Device

Motorola has been in an awkward roller coaster since its entry in the smartphone world over a decade ago. The company used to be the alpha in the market, as it used to dominate all other phones back then in the “premium” department. Its flip phones were incredibly famous and really good as well, and any person with a Motorola back in the days was considered cool - as anyone today is with the latest iPhone model. They continued this trend of making good phones with the Droid series almost a decade ago, as they entered the smartphone realm as well. However, after that things didn’t really pick up for them, and they were only known for making good budget to lower mid-range devices like the G series. The E series which were even cheaper weren’t really up to the mark of other phones in that price range, as you could find better options from Huawei or Xiaomi easily. It seems like they’re going to try that market niche once more, as they plan to release another super budget device called Motorola E LE. 

We aren’t so sure what the LE might stand for, and it doesn’t matter much either. What does matter is how the phone will look, feel and perform, and at least in the build department, we feel like it’ll be a success. Motorola is deciding to go for a similar form factor to that of the E6 Plus, with a display size of over 6” probably. However, don’t expect the display to be high quality, as it’s highly likely that it’s going to be a 720p IPS LCD panel, which is understandable for the price. It’s certain that the phone’s price is going to be kept low, but we hope that doesn’t mean that it’ll be entirely made with cheap plastic all over. 

Moreover, we can also expect a Snapdragon 632 to be installed on the phone, which in no means is a good chipset, but it isn’t bad either as the 400 series used on the previous E phones. This will probably result in smooth all around UI browsing, and app usage as well, but gaming will probably not be possible if you’re an avid PUBG fan. Another positive on the device will be the introduction of Android 10, which isn’t even seen on a lot of mid-range devices currently in 2020 - so it’s a good step taken on Motorola’s part. Cameras might  also be decent for the price, as is the case with Motorola devices usually. A dual camera setup could be seen on the E LE, with the extra sensor mainly for depth detection, which also should be average. 

The battery will be a 3550 mAh unit, which doesn’t seem that much at first glance, but considering the fact that the phone will come with a low resolution LCD display, and a chipset that won’t require high intensity performance, it might give out decent battery life. If Motorola manages to somehow throw in fast charging in the E LE, it can have impressive battery performance after all. 

All in all, we don’t expect the upcoming Motorola budget device to be anything ground-breaking, but it probably will be an upgrade from its predecessors at least. 

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