Motorola 360 Smartwatch Review: Great Alternative To Apple

Jun 06, 2020 Reviews

Motorola 360 Smartwatch Review: Great Alternative To Apple

Year in year out we’re trying to do and acquire things that will result in an easier and better way of life for us. Where back in the days we had to go to the library and read several books before we had the answer to something - now we simply open our smartphones and search google for whatever we need the answer to. Before where we had to use ships and whatnot to travel between countries; something that would take months to do. Now we can simply fly around the world in barely a day via airplanes. 

Similarly, to further enhance and improve the capabilities of a smartphone, we now have smartwatches around us. These watches can be used to call contacts and even message them. You can use them to check your Facebook or Instagram notifications without reaching for your phone in your pocket. They can play and pause music, and do a lot more - all of which can be extremely useful. Oh, and did we mention that you can also use them to check the time?

With the alphas in the game like Apple Watch and Samsung Gear, dominating the market, there hasn’t been much place for anyone else to take their top spot. However, with the release of Android Wear from Google, there have been a ton of features released in supported smartwatches which tie in seamlessly with Google and its top-notch functionality. One such watch is Motorola 360, which has been considered as one of the best smartwatches in the market as of now - and it supports Android Wear as well. This could be game changing for a company like Motorola, who has been struggling in the smartphone department for quite a while now. Let’s hop on in the full review to see what the Moto 360 is all about!

Design & Build 

The 3rd iteration of the Moto 360 series doesn’t just perform well, but provides the sleek looks you’d want out of a watch as well. The first thing you’ll notice from the design aspect of things will be the circular design of the watch, rather than a square-ish form factor that’s implemented by Apple’s smartwatches. Personally, we like the rounded style much more, because with proper customization of the watch-face, you can make it look as classy and graceful as you can make it look sporty. Unfortunately with square design, the latter is the only option you have. Moreover, Motorola’s new watch has also ditched the flat-tyre screen by removing the black br from the bottom of the display that was getting in its way of being a complete circle - now it finally is one, and it looks much better than the previous two generations. 

You get 2 sets of straps in the box when you buy the watch: a pair of leather straps, and another pair of silicone ones. This is so you can use the latter for your runs and fitness needs, and the leather strap is for more of a sophisticated and formal use. We’re glad Motorola provides the option of both. You also get 2 physical buttons on the side of the watch; the top one takes you to the app menu, and the bottom one is a programmable button which you can map to open any app of your choice.


Well, the Motorola 360 is as good as they come in the Android section of smartwatches. Since it supports Wear OS from Android, the 360 can make use of all the features and advantages you get from Android Wear. You can customize Google Now on your watch, sync calendars and get information that you couldn’t before. It’s just a great help with the support of Android Wear. You can wake Google Assistant by simply saying “Ok Google”, or by swiping left to right and tapping on the mic icon. You can also long press the top physical button until it vibrates and activates Google Assistant. It’s clear that the watch has made sure that users can easily call upon Google Assistant whenever they need to. 

The watch can actively or passively monitor your heart rate throughout the day. You can set the Google Fit app to track your heart beat in the background continuously, or can even open the app to check your heart rate whenever you feel like. Other sensors allow for the tracking of your workouts, and how much calories you’ve burned, number of steps you’ve taken and the whole nine yards. If you’re buying the watch for your fitness needs, you needn’t worry about whether the Moto 360 is going to assist you, because it will take care of all your workout goals. 

Another advantage of Android Wear comes in the form of app support. When you download a supported app from the Google Play Store - which are about 45+ apps as of now - along with getting the app on your phone, you’ll also get its companion on your smartphone watch. This is a nifty feature that can come handy in several situations. Moreover, talking about apps, you can also download third-party apps like Spotify to listen to your favourite playlists and whatnot. You can also play a few games on the 360 as well. However, do make sure you don’t put the watch through much strain, because otherwise it might jitter or lag a couple of times.  


Well, before when the Moto 360 came out for 350 bucks, it was kind of hard to suggest it over the other smartwatches, because if you spent 50 dollars extra, you could go for a much better all around option of Apple Watch Series 5 - thanks to how well Apple syncs its devices across its ecosystem. However, now that it’s going for $299, and some sales making it sell for as low as 260, it’s a much more sensible buy if you’re looking for a decent smartwatch - especially in the Android category. 


All in all, the Moto 360 is a fantastic smartwatch, and will make your money’s worth thanks to its nifty features and support for Android Wear OS. Yes the battery is a bit small and will last just a day with the always-on display turned on, you still get fast charging capabilities of juicing the watch to a 100% in under 60 minutes. You get a classy looking smartwatch with great overall features with a price that’s much lower than its competitors - what else do we need to say to convince you that this is one of the best smartphone watches in the game? 

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