Moto G9 Goes Official In India: Price Is $155

Aug 25, 2020 News

Moto G9 Goes Official In India: Price Is $155

The Moto lineup of phones have been fan favourites for a long time, especially their budget to mid range devices. The G series are the first to come to mind when we talk about Motorola, and that’s because of the popularity of these phones - especially in countries like Pakistan and India where the majority of the users lie in the mid range section of the market. Now, another Moto phone is ready to hit India - and likely become another phone which will end up being popular amongst the masses - as the G9 finally goes official in Indian markets for a price tag of 155 US dollars when currencies are exchanged.

The Moto G9 seems to be a phone which won’t really be all that powerful to run the latest games at high settings - nor is it going to have an amazing display at disposal. The price tag of the phone simply doesn’t allow the manufacturer to put all that in - but the phone seems like it’s going to offer a decent user experience in all the phone departments, without aiming to best one and neglect the rest. The phone comes with a Snapdragon 662 and 4GB RAM - a modest setup, but one that will provide a smooth enough performance for the price. Moreover, a 6.5” IPS LCD display is also on board, which Motorola usually executes really well on their phones. The design overall looks really nice too - a little generic with the stove-top camera setup at the back, but fits well with the 2020 standard of looks.

moto g9

Other appealing aspects of the phone include a massive 5,000mAh battery unit and a 20W fast charging support with it - which is a superb deal at this price. NFC is also on board which again is barely seen on phones even 200 or 300 dollars more expensive than the G9 - so good job there by Motorola, considering how important contactless payments have become in the current day and age.

The Moto G9 is all set to go live on sale in India on the 31st of August for 11,499 Indian Rupees, which translates roughly to about 155 US dollars. The Moto budget phone is also likely to release globally soon, as it’s expected to be named the Moto G9 Play.

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