MIUI 12 Stable Release To Roll Out To 23 Devices Next Month

Jul 21, 2020 News

MIUI 12 Stable Release To Roll Out To 23 Devices Next Month

MIUI has been the main topic of criticism of Xiaomi phones for quite some time now, as there isn’t much to complain about usually in their smartphones on the hardware side of things. Xiaomi makes amazing phones at all price ranges, and they mostly tick all the boxes that make a good smartphone. However, MIUI, the company’s own software set up on top of Android, hasn’t been the best OS around, as it consists of bloatware, ads and the overall look of it just isn’t clean. However, Xiaomi seems to be upping their game recently, as MIUI 11 was an impressive upgrade over previous versions, and now MIUI 12 seems even better - and it’s coming to 23 new devices next month.

We’ve been hearing a lot about MIUI 12 and its release date in the global variants. Now, we know that Xiaomi is going to release their latest version of MIUI on 23 devices as early as next month. A lot of Xiaomi users in the mid range segment were worried that their devices won’t get the stable update of MIUI on their phones - but it seems like Xiaomi has done a great job to include even 2 year old devices on the MIUI 12 train, and it’s certainly going to get them praise from fans. Here’s the complete list of the 23 phones that will be getting the update:

It’s worth noting that while all these phones will get the MIUI 12 update, not all of them will have every MIUI 12 feature available. For example, the Super Wallpaper feature is only going to work on the Mi 10 Series, and the Poco F2 Pro. Floating windows are also going to work only on 12 devices, including the Note 9 series and the Redmi Note 8 Pro. We can’t wait for MIUI 12 to finally drop out so we can test it out fully on our Xiaomi devices.

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