MIUI 12 Rolls Out In Different Countries For Phase 1

Aug 30, 2020 News

MIUI 12 Rolls Out In Different Countries For Phase 1

MIUI is one of the most popular Operating Systems over Android in smartphones, as most smartphone users and enthusiasts have probably heard of its name. It is Xiaomi’s very own OS, as it’s used in Mi and Redmi phones from the Chinese manufacturer. More often than not, the changes brought with the annual MIUI updates are bigger or at least match those of Android OS jumps each year - and that’s why Xiaomi phones rely on the MIUI updates for their major changes, rather than depending on Android.

Now, as it’s been talked about for the past few months or so, MIUI 12 has finally started rolling out globally, as Xiaomi users around the world have been getting the stable build of the new OS version from Xiaomi. The update is set to bring plenty of new features and upgrades, some design changes, new super live wallpapers, and a lot more. All this will be available to the majority of Xiaomi phones that are in the market, as they will have the possibility to jump to the 12th iteration of their software.

The update was first rolled out to European customers - and it makes sense too, as Xiaomi has become the third biggest phone maker in the European region - but it has slowly reached to random users in different regions too, along with India, Pakistan, Indonesia and elsewhere too. You will be able to find the update, if you’ve received it, in the About Phone section of your settings, and then going to Software Updates and checking whether the V12 of MIUI is available or not.

If you don’t want to wait for the official build to come to your device, you can simply download the ROM manually for your phone from here according to your device.

Here’s the complete list of phones that have received the MIUI 12 stable update in Phase 1 of rollout:

Redmi 10X (atom) — Added on 07/23/2020

Redmi Note 8 Pro (begonia) — Added on 07/01/2020

POCO F1 (beryllium) — Added on 08/10/2020

Redmi 10X Pro (bomb) — Added on 07/23/2020

Mi 10 Ultra (cas) — Added on 08/17/2020

Mi 9 (cepheus) — Added on 06/30/2020

Redmi K30 Ultra (cezanne) — Added on 08/12/2020

Mi 10 Pro (cmi) — Added on 06/30/2020

Mi 9 Pro 5G (crux) — Added on 06/30/2020

Redmi 9A (dandelion) — Added on 07/28/2020

Redmi K20 / Mi 9T (davinci) — Added on 06/30/2020

Mi 8 (dipper) — Added on 07/29/2020

Mi 8 Pro (equuleus) — Added on 08/14/2020

Mi 9 SE (grus) — Added on 07/23/2020

Mi Note 3 (jason) — Added on 08/20/2020

Redmi 9 (lancelot) — Added on 07/28/2020

Redmi Note 7/ Redmi Note 7S (lavender) — Added on 07/21/2020

Redmi K30 Pro / POCO F2 Pro (lmi) — Added on 06/30/2020

Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G (merlin) — Added on 07/02/2020

Mi 10 Lite 5G (monet) — Added on 07/20/2020

Mi Max 3 (nitrogen) — Added on 08/14/2020

Mi Mix 3 (perseus) — Added on 08/10/2020

Redmi K30 4G / POCO X2 (phoenix) — Added on 06/30/2020

Redmi K30 5G (picasso) — Added on 06/30/2020

Redmi K30i 5G (picasso48m) — Added on 07/07/2020

Mi 8 Lite (platina) — Added on 08/04/2020

Mi 9 Lite/ Mi CC9 (pyxis) — Added on 08/18/2020

Mi Mix 2S (polaris) — Added on 08/10/2020

Redmi K20 Pro / Mi 9T Pro (raphael) — Added on 06/30/2020

Redmi 6 Pro (sakura) — Added on 08/06/2020

Mi Note 10 / Mi CC9 Pro (tucana) — Added on 07/23/2020

Mi 10 (umi) — Added on 06/30/2020

Mi 8 Explorer Edition (ursa) — Added on 08/17/2020

Mi 10 Youth Edition / Mi Note 10 Lite Zoom (vangogh) — Added on 06/30/2020

Redmi Note 7 Pro (violet) — Added on 07/28/2020

Redmi S2/Redmi Y2 (ysl) — Added on 08/06/2020

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