MIUI 12 Beta Starts Rolling Out On Mi 9 Devices As Well After K20 And Mi 9T

Jun 04, 2020 News

MIUI 12 Beta Starts Rolling Out On Mi 9 Devices As Well After K20 And Mi 9T

Xiaomi has been making top tier smartphones for a long time now, and is surely considered one of the best manufacturers in the game. Their hardware has always been amazing, and that too at a lower price than its competitors. However, it has been getting smack for its lackluster software, especially due to it looking non-premium and too cartoonish. With people leaning more towards stock android versions of OS, MIUI is not really adored that much amongst the masses. 

That being said, Xiaomi has been doing major work on their software, adding more and more features and functionality to their newer MIUI versions as they release them. This is also going to be the case with the much hyped upcoming MIUI 12. Users with the Mi 9T and the K20 have already gotten the beta version of MIUI 12 on their devices, which will probably translate exactly to the original version of it as well, unless there are major complaints about the beta, which we don’t really expect to happen. 

However, now along with Mi 9T and K20, now users in Europe with Mi 9 have been reporting that their devices are also getting the beta versions of MIUI 12 on their devices. This means that Xiaomi has started to roll out MIUI 12 on most of their best-selling devices, and will continue to do so with other models as well by the look of things. This is good news, because it shows that the Chinese manufacturer is well in-touch with its users and is providing early-access of their latest OS updates to their users, along with the intent of testing it fully so the official release isn’t flawed. 

We will keep giving timely updates to our readers if any other reports surface regarding MIUI 12 in future articles!

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