Microsoft Teams Latest Update Make The App Usable By Everyone

Jun 25, 2020 App News

Microsoft Teams Latest Update Make The App Usable By Everyone

Microsoft Teams is one of the leading video conferencing apps in the world, and the COVID-19 pandemic is a major reason for that to happen. There has been a surge in the usage of video sharing apps after the virus hit, because of the fact that everyone is sitting at home now. However, there still have to be meetings about how to operate businesses and companies, and that’s why there need to be proper apps that can support that, and emulate a real-life meeting to some extent - Teams is one such professional app that helps employees and managers to do so.

However, developers have soon realized that it’s not just the professionals in the corporate world who need video conferencing in their lives for meetings and communication purposes. But in this pandemic we’re in currently, people around the world are longing to see the faces of their loved ones and to converse with them via video because it doesn’t get closer to a real life meet-up than a video call. Hence, Microsoft Teams decided to roll out a new update which allows people to use the app for non-professional reasons as well, as they might want to talk to their loved ones from the same platform as well.

“With the new features, we hope to extend the power of Teams beyond work scenarios to your personal life,” mentioned in a post made by Microsoft.

“Whether you’re a busy parent managing daily family life or just trying to stay connected and in sync with those who matter most, the new features are designed to alleviate the need for disparate tools and instead offer one central hub for individuals, groups and families to collaborate and stay connected and organized.”

We think this is a great step taken by the firm, and it allows Teams to be much more than just an office meeting video app.

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