Mi 10T And Mi 10T Pro's Specs Leak Online

Sep 29, 2020 News

Mi 10T And Mi 10T Pro's Specs Leak Online

Xiaomi has recently been on a roll with its smartphone dealings, as the Mi series in general have led the way for the Chinese giant in terms of smartphone sales and popularity. Where the Redmi series might be for the mid range target market and those people who aren’t looking to spend big bucks to get a great phone - the Mi series focus on the more flagship audience, with top of the line specs in the phones and prices that linger around the higher tier as well. However, it is to be noted that even with Xiaomi’s top level flagships, they still keep prices much lower than other top phones from brands such as Samsung and Apple.

Recently, we’ve heard rumours about the possible entry of the Mi 10T series coming into existence, with the Mi 10T Lite, Mi 10T and the Mi 10T Pro - as the latter two have even had leaked specs uploaded in tech communities.

mi 10tmi 10t pro

The spec sheets show that both phones will be powerhouses in terms of performance, as they pack the flagship Snapdragon 865 inside, alongside 8 gigs of RAM which is more than enough for a robust gaming experience. Moreover, the phones will also come with an impressive 144Hz display - something we’ve only seen on gaming dedicated phones this year. The only notable differences we could spot in the spec sheet between the base Mi 10T and the Pro variant is the main camera sensor, as the Pro model will feature a 108MP shooter, with the vanilla version sporting a 64MP one. Moreover, the more premium version is going to have 256GB of storage as well, as compared to a maximum of 128GB in its younger sibling.

Other than that, everything seems to be similar in both phones, which would make users lean a bit more towards the Mi 10T, as it’s going to be cheaper, and will bring almost the same package as the Pro variant - as extra megapixels aren’t going to matter that much anyways. All in all, the phones look amazing, as they look to be yet another Xiaomi series which will catch the public eye. They are expected to retail for somewhere around the 500 to 700 euros mark - a great bang for your buck if it ends up becoming true.

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