Messenger's Secret Conversations And How You Can Use Them

Jun 22, 2020 App News

Messenger's Secret Conversations And How You Can Use Them

Security in social media apps is a big thing these days, with various CEOs of these apps getting in trouble with the security law system. For this very reason, all these apps have to be secured at the top-tier level, and shouldn’t be bypassed easily by any hacker, because they contain people’s personal information and messages. For this reason, all major social media apps make it a responsibility to show that they are encrypting the messages properly and are using end-to-end encryption, so that users are ensured that their data remains secure.

Messenger takes this to the next level with its secret conversations feature. Secret conversations are chats you can have with other people in your friendlist, and will operate like regular chats, but with a few added security options. For one, your chats will only be accessible on the device you started the conversation on - meaning you won’t find those chats on any other device when you log in to your account. The encryption level on these messages is much higher, and allow for a better end-to-end encryption system than regular chats. Moving on, you can also set a timer on your messages, so that they disappear after that set time of the other person reading it. All these features are great for secure chatting about private topics. You can’t call or create group chats in the secret conversations section, as it only supports private messages with individuals.

How To Start A Secret Conversation?

Well it’s easy. You can start a conversation just as you would start a regular conversation on Messenger. The pen icon on the top right allows you to create a new chat thread with someone you choose from the list of friends you have. Click on that pen icon, and on the top right, you’ll find the lock icon.

This lock icon stands for the secret conversation option, and when you enable it, you’ll start a secret conversation with the person you choose from the list. You can now avail all the different options and features of this setting, and can have private chats now. 

The next time you want to share your card details with someone, or have your account logged in somewhere else as well, then make sure to use this feature, as it’s much more secure than regular chatting on Messenger.

Stay Safe!

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