Meizu Smartwatch Coming Before The End Of 2020

Oct 08, 2020 News

Meizu Smartwatch Coming Before The End Of 2020

Meizu is a name that we aren’t all familiar with, as it’s another Chinese brand of smartphones that got into the scene a few years ago. Some of their phones were actually huge hits in the mid range segment - as some were one of the best options you could find in the market for their specific price range. However, you’ll be surprised to know that Meizu has also worked on smartwatches. Well, we should say smartwatch instead, as they’ve had only one released by them back in 2016 - the Meizu MIX smartwatch.

However, thanks to some recent build-up and teasers by Meizu themselves, it seems like they’ll be returning to the smartphone business around the end of 2020. A few months back, Meizu actually announced the Flyme For Watch system for their smartwatches - an OS they made themselves for their smartwatches. However, if they released a new OS for smartwatches, that just confirms that they will be releasing a smartwatch as well some time soon.

After further speculation, it was also found that Flyme For Watch also has an official handle now on Weibo - as it says “See you in Q4 2020”. Moreover, last month Meizu actually gave out thank-you cards to users for sticking with Meizu, and in that card it was also mentioned “Flyme For Watch Will Meet You In Q4 2020”.

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If all that doesn’t confirm the news for you - this one just might. The Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. also recently applied for the licensing of the two trademarks “Meizu Watch” and “Flyme For Watch” - both words that indicate the forthcoming of a new smartwatch from the Chinese manufacturer.

We hope that Meizu brings something different to the table, and offers a decent level of “bang for your buck” - as a lot of smartwatches have started costing more than some great smartphones as well, which makes you wonder why you’re even spending this much money.

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