MediaTek set to power premium gaming smartphones in Pakistan

Dec 02, 2020 News

MediaTek set to power premium gaming smartphones in Pakistan

Gaming is a huge deal in a country like Pakistan, where kids are extremely passionate about the field of gaming - as you’ll see children from a very tender age at the arcade machines in one of those old neighbourhoods. Or perhaps, you’ll even find the world’s current best Tekken player from the country, being Arsalan Ash. The passion of gaming runs deep within the bloodstreams of the Pakistani youth, and it’s not going unnoticed, as not only game developers from titles like PUBG are taking note, but now also phone manufacturers, and even chip makers are trying to make a market for themselves in Pakistan.

Recently, the well-known MediaTek, a major player in the smartphone chipset industry announced its plans for Pakistan in the near future, as it talked about releasing its very own gaming directed G series chipsets in Pakistan through the official phone makers that work here. The G series chipsets have proved to be quite popular in Pakistan as seen on some phones such as the Redmi Note 8 Pro which might’ve been the most popular phone in the mid range department that the Pakistani market has seen since a long time.

MediaTek had this to say about the Pakistani smartphone market:

“Pakistan is a young and rising global market with many multinationals including MediaTek seeing potential growth in it regarding Mobile phones, Consumer Electronics, and other Smart Products. Pakistan has a great growth potential accelerating migration from 2G Feature Phones to 4G Smartphones with a population of over 200M and around 12M unit smartphone market annually. In the coming days, we will work to support this Smartphone acceleration on two fronts. First to bring more flagship phones in the market with the help of Smartphone brands such as Xiaomi, RealMe, Infinix, and others with our Helio G-Series focusing on Mobile Gaming. Secondly, we would work with Mobile Operators on network support for the latest 4G technology such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and KaiOS Digit 4G Smart Feature Phone running on our entry 4G SOC” said Rami Osman, Director MEA, MediaTek.

All in all, this move seems promising for Pakistan, and hopefully it brings about a positive technological change in our market.

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