LG Wing: The Phone With 2 Perpendicular Displays - More To Be Revealed On 14th September

Sep 09, 2020 News

LG Wing: The Phone With 2 Perpendicular Displays - More To Be Revealed On 14th September

LG is looking to change the smartphone game - to be the innovator in the market that every other manufacturer aspires to be. LG has been pretty lackluster over the past few years, as it fell down gradually from what it used to be due to phone issues and what not. However, with the LG Velvet, things seem to have taken a new turn, as LG is looking to change the way it operates its business model, and to get a competitive edge over its competitors.

Recently, we heard rumours about the Wing phone from LG, as it seemed like a wild concept at first, but now it actually might be coming to life as LG received a teaser video which is showcasing the concept.


Basically, LG is releasing a phone, that’s likely to be called Wing, which will have two screens, with one in the back that will be horizontal, with the main one, of course being vertical. LG is yet to provide application for this type of technology at hand, and what sort of possibilities could be achieved with such a concept of dual screens being 90 degrees with each other.

The main screen is expected to be a 6.8” one, with the second one being 4 inches. There will be a triple camera setup at the back with a 64MP primary lens leading the way. Powering the phone is likely to be the Snapdragon 765G, a chip we also saw on the LG Velvet.

LG has said that they will be forming an “Explorer Project”, in which it will release such phones with wild concepts to see how well they bode with the public and their interests. For the usual lineup of phones that are competing with other top devices in the market, a “Universal Line” is also established which will produce serious phones like the Velvet.

It will be interesting to see what LG does with this device, and what other possibilities it has in the company objective for other phones in line.

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