LG Velvet Goes Live In The US For 599 Dollars

Jul 22, 2020 News

LG Velvet Goes Live In The US For 599 Dollars

LG Velvet has easily been one of the most hyped up phones of 2020. Everyone was talking about the phone and the way it looked - the way it stood out from its competition and brought something unique in the market. Where most phones were going for either a vertical camera module or a square-ish, iPhone 11 type camera module, the Velvet brought the water drop camera setup at the back, which looks top notch still. Well, even though the phone has been unveiled and released in other regions, it has officially launched in the US as of today for a price of $599.

The Velvet has a lot of competition around itself, with the biggest one clearly being the OnePlus Nord, which arguably provides more bang for your buck at a cheaper price (379 Euros). However, that isn’t to take away anything from the Velvet, as it itself is a great phone in the price segment. The phone comes with a Snapdragon 765G, which is an extremely capable processor, paired with either 6 or 8 gigs of RAM depending on your variant. There’s a wide variety of punchy color themes to choose from in the phone as well. The display is a P-OLED one, which is supposed to be punchier than regular OLED displays. You also get 25W fast charging support in the phone, along with a decent 4300 mAh battery cell inside.

All in all, the Velvet seems like a formidable device, and it certainly will bag a good amount sales in the US as LG seems to be marketing their latest product really well, bringing in some famous celebrities on board as well, including Jason Derulo

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