LG Releasing Self-Cleaning Earbuds?!

Jun 26, 2020 News

LG Releasing Self-Cleaning Earbuds?!

LG hasn’t really made a mark on the smartphone world for quite some time now, as they keep trying to break in the market, with the LG Velvet being the first phone to get LG this much attention. However, that’s not to say that they don’t make other products and often lead those markets as well. Televisions are one such place where LG has been around the top for quite a while now, and looks to innovate further with paper-thin TV screens and whatnot. Similarly, LG may be looking to make its first breakthrough in the earbuds department, as they look to release a wireless earbud pair that could very well best the likes of Pixel Buds, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds and even Airpods.

With what LG seems to be calling TONE earbuds, the biggest feature on this phone might not be related to sound, as the Korean company is looking to make the first self-cleaning earbuds that we’ve ever seen. You may be wondering how this technology would work, and we’re here to explain all of that to you. The actual cleaning technology resides in the earbud case, as when you would store the buds inside the case for charging, the case will emit UVNano rays that will clean upto 99.9% of bacteria and germs on the earbuds, as claimed by the company. This could be a great feature if it works as per LG’s claim, as it could remove any chances of ear infections from earbuds which we’ve seen quite a bit of in recent times.

The earbuds are also said to be a better and more natural fit for ears, as it would help in better noise isolation and sound deliverance through the ear canal. LG is also making use of Meridians HSP (Headphone Spatial Processing), which in theory should allow for a more realistic sounding experience.

We don’t have more in-depth information about the earbuds as of now, but they’re going to be available from next month, and surely look like a promising pair of wireless earphones.

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