LG Q92 5G Coming Soon: Another Midrange Entry

Aug 06, 2020 News

LG Q92 5G Coming Soon: Another Midrange Entry

A new LG device is in the works apparently, as the Q92 was seen on Geekbench running its benchmarks throughout the platform before its final release whenever the company decided to go forward with it. The phone will be a midrange device, and will be a slightly degraded version of the Velvet we saw earlier. 

The phone's benchmarks showed a resemblance to the Velvet's scores, and that's understandable considering both phones consist of the same processor in the Snapdragon 765G. This means that the Q92 will be able to handle all tasks thrown at it and gaming won't be an issue at all for users. Moving on, a 6.8 inch display was also mentioned for the device, again similar to the Velvet - but the screen is likely to be an LCD panel instead of an OLED due to the price difference in both devices. 6GB will be the base variant for the RAM on the phone - something that has become a norm in 2020. 

The Q92 5G comes under the 13 devices planned for the Q series by LG. It is released to target the likes of other mid range giants in the segment, such as the A51 5G and the A71 from Samsung. It could even give the OnePlus Nord a tough matchup if LG executes this phone properly. 

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