LG Might Release The World's First Rolling Phone

Jul 03, 2020 News

LG Might Release The World's First Rolling Phone

We’ve seen plenty of foldable phones in the past now, and some good ones as well. Folding devices have been in the works for a few years now, with last year really cementing their place in the market with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. So far, Motorola, Huawei and Samsung have released official folding phones in the market, with the Z Flip probably the better one out of the bunch. However, what if the future isn’t based on folding phones, but it’s more focused on rollable phones?

We covered the news of Apple possibly working on a rollable display in the past, but it seems like LG may be the the frontrunner in the race to the first rolling device in the market. LG unveiled the fact that they’re working on a rolling device last year, and we have an idea of what it may look like. We can tell that the phone has a good chance of working seamlessly, considering the fact that LG already has rolling TVs in the market that work perfectly as well. The idea may be that the phone’s entire circuitry and battery will be based in a module below, and the OLED panel will be entirely rollable. The display isn’t being made by LG themselves, which is peculiar to say the least. The Korean manufacturer is relying on BOE, a Chinese company, to take care of their screen duties.

LG seems to be hungry for a higher spot in the smartphone market, as it’s releasing decent phones in the recent past that have gotten the company quite some attention from the media and users alike. The LG Velvet is the latest phone from LG, and it was an all-around great device and received ample traction from tech journalists across the world.

All in all, we don’t really know when we will get our hands on the world’s first rollable device - but we might see LG become the first one in line in 2021 to drop a fully functioning rolling phone.

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