Latest iOS Version Causing Extreme Battery Issues

Jul 04, 2020 News

Latest iOS Version Causing Extreme Battery Issues

IOS is usually known to be a stable software Operating System for Apple devices, as it helps provide users with plenty of security, organization and efficiency. Android might be better in customizability or having more of an option as to how you want your phone to look and run, but it won’t match the level of user security that Apple provides. The latter also makes it much more simple to use your daily driver without getting into much complications - and that’s a major reason as to why a lot of people prefer iPhones over other smartphones

However, things may not always be that way from Apple, as there have been some issues with Apple’s software in the past, and the latest update to iOS, being the 13.5.1, has troubled some iPhone users with unprecedented issues. Several people have complained that after installing the latest update on their Apple device, they’ve faced a major drop in battery life, and that their phones have started becoming hotter than they previously did. The increased phone temperatures were even noticed when the device was idle, and that worried a lot of users.

To check whether your phone is affected by this as well, just go to settings and go to the battery section. If you notice that your screen-off activity time is around or more than an hour, then the problem exists on your device as well. Unfortunately, there is no proper way to get rid of this issue from the latest version of iOS - but Apple is almost done with the updated iOS 13.6, so we can expect this issue to be resolved with it.

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