Knox - Samsung Increases The Level Of Security In The Galaxy Even More!

Feb 26, 2021 News

Knox - Samsung Increases The Level Of Security In The Galaxy Even More!

Samsung Electronics has announced that Galaxy devices will now receive regular security updates for at least four years from their original release date. By extending support for monthly or quarterly security updates, Samsung assures users that their data is protected for as long as they use their Galaxy device.

Secured By Knox

Owners of Galaxy devices can enjoy unparalleled protection. In contrast, the industry's most powerful security chip has the built-in Secure Element (eSE) and the secure processor that protects against malicious attacks. The new Knox Vault adds another level of security. Being one of the few companies that design and develop its products, software, and services, Samsung offers real and complete protection from the moment the product design begins until its withdrawal. The company integrates security features into every level of its devices, from the chip to applications, to protect personal information in real-time and respond proactively to mobile devices' advanced threats.

Samsung Knox

Over the past ten years, Samsung has streamlined and accelerated security updates significantly. They partnered with OS and chipset makers with more than 200 providers worldwide to ensure that billions of Galaxy devices receive timely security updates and more than 1,000 partners to establish security standards for all Android devices, including the pioneering program of regular security updates in 2015. At the same time, it has collaborated with the broader scientific community to ensure that consumers enjoy the safest mobile experience possible.

Samsung Knox 1

Galaxy devices that will receive security updates:

Foldable Galaxy devices: Fold | Fold 5G | Z Fold2 | Z Fold2 5G | Z Flip | Z Flip 5G

Galaxy S Series: S10 | S10+ | S10e | S10 5G | S10 Lite | S20 | S20 5G | S20+ | S20+ 5G | S20 Ultra | S20 Ultra 5G | S20 FE | S20 FE 5G | S21 5G | S21+ 5G | S21 Ultra 5G

Galaxy Note Series: Note 10 | Note10 5G | Note10+ | Note10+ 5G | Note10 Lite | Note20 | Note20 5G | Note20 Ultra | Note20 Ultra 5G

Galaxy A Series: A10 | A10e | A10s | A20 | A20s | A30 | A30s | A40 | A50 | A50s | A60 | A70 | A70s | A80 | A90 5G | A11 | A21 | A21s | A31 | A41 | A51 | A51 5G | A71 | A71 5G | A02s | A12 | A32 5G | A42 5G

Galaxy M Series: M10s | M20 | M30 | M30s | M40 | M11 | M12 | M21 | M31 | M31s | M51

Galaxy XCover Series: XCover4s | XCover FieldPro | XCover Pro

Galaxy Tab Series: Tab Active Pro | Tab Active3 | Tab A8 (2019) | Tab A with S-Pen, Tab A 8.4 (2020) | Tab A7 | Tab S5e | Tab S6 | Tab S6 5G | Tab S6 Lite | Tab S7 | Tab S7+

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