Kingdomtopia Is The New RPG Mobile Game You Should Keep An Eye Out For

Aug 14, 2020 Games

Kingdomtopia Is The New RPG Mobile Game You Should Keep An Eye Out For

RPG games have gotten way too different than what we’ve come to know them about over the years. Perhaps the biggest titles you could mention for RPG games might feature The Elder Scrolls series, The Witcher or maybe even Fallout. If we were to talk about mobile games then you’d mention Dungeon Hunter and the Final Fantasy series. All of these games are mostly focused on action and combat based gameplay. However, a new game is coming to the store which is going to bring a new touch to the RPG genre.

Enter Kingdomtopia, a new RPG idle game that you’re going to love playing - even if you’re not actually playing! The game, since it’s an idle game, will continue to progress and you’ll keep getting in-game currency and all even when you’re out of the game. The game is based on a rather painful story, as it starts with the awakening of Prince Snow, after his whole kingdom is destroyed and his father, the King of that land gets killed in battle as well. Now your job is to travel through various areas and meet new people to rebuild that land and put your kingdom back where it was supposed to be.

You’ll make your way through the game by meeting different characters placed around the map, as they’ll help you navigate around and rebuild your kingdom accordingly. You will also converse with the spirit of the Prince’s late father, as he will also proceed to provide inspiration to revamp the land that he failed to retain. You’ll need to fight off enemies as well along with rebuilding your land, to make sure any ground you’ve gained doesn’t get destroyed. You’ll open new storylines and chapters along the way, as you work your way through conversations which are sure to give you a good laugh!

The game is currently available for pre-orders for Android and iOS, as it will be released on the 8th of September for both app stores free of cost, but with in-app purchases though.

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