K30 Ultra Might Be An Upcoming Xiaomi Device

Jul 04, 2020 News

K30 Ultra Might Be An Upcoming Xiaomi Device

Xiaomi isn’t really one to tease its users or give them the opportunity to speculate around as to what their upcoming phone may be. They just release their devices when it’s time to, and provide little to no preview about it. That makes experts and developers to tinker around and find gaps where they can penetrate and find more information about upcoming phones and leaks about them from Xiaomi. One such developer from XDA has gotten their hands on the latest MIUI 12 firmware, and in it there’s an unknown phone that’s called K30 Ultra, with a codename “cezanne”.

The phone may well be the 7th addition to the K30 family, as it appears similar to these devices at first glance. Inside the firmware code, it’s mentioned that the K30 Ultra is going to have a pop-up display, which we’ve seen in previous K30 models. It will also consist of a quad camera setup at the back, with a 64MP main shooter leading the way. However, the major difference that we’re going to see will be that the Ultra version might feature a MediaTek chipset instead of the usual Snapdragon that’s seen in all other K30 phones. We have seen Xiaomi use the MediaTek Dimensity 820 SoC on the Redmi 10X family, and considering that the 10X series are a little over to the budget side, we expect the K30 Ultra to be more of a premium handset. It could very well consist of a MediaTek Dimensity 1000 inside, but we’ll have to wait and see what Xiaomi comes up with on this upcoming phone from them. We also heard a lot about the upcoming OnePlus Nord opting for a MediaTek Dimensity chipset as well, but they decided to go for the Snapdragon 765G instead - this could be the case with this one as well. The phone is also rumoured to feature a whopping 144Hz refresh rate display in it, which we can’t wait to hear more about in the future.

A lot of the features are similar on the K30 Ultra as compared to other K30 variants, except the chipset and the display’s refresh rate. We’ll just have to wait for other crucial information about the phone, such as pricing. We hope to get more information on this phone soon.

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